Well, that went pretty amazingly! We rocked up to the stage at 3.30pm and set up our equipment. After a small line check, I nodded at the other guys and started the first track "Fight!!!". Alex began pounding on his drums and Lou angrily strummed his gnarly guitar. Then Matt's synths kicked in and all hell was let loose. The shouts of "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!" were greeted with raised fists and stamping boots. 

We then proceeded straight into "Say My Name". Matt's synths and Lou's dirty guitar growled loudly as the intro kicked in followed by Alex's stomping beats. The crowd joined in at the chorus whilst going mental throughout the mid section. This was an absolute highlight.

Then, we changed pace with "Fear The Future". The slow groove steadily climbing to the electronic middle eight section Which whipped up a frenzy. 

Next up was "Golden Army" which starts with a bell like chime and settles into a funk bass beat. This really got the floor dancing. Another awesome experience to play this to an audience.  

Lastly, we played "Trigons". This is basically an instrumental piece with an almost dubby Electro Reggae feel. The song is 7 minutes long so as I was prouncing around the stage, Lou let rip with a wall of noise that swam around the beat like a mad fish whilst Alex's drums thundered to a crescendo. At this point, I manoeuvred myself between Lou's legs and carried him on my shoulders for the last few minutes, which seemed like hours. My legs were buckling and I was swaying dangerously as he was shredding like a demon. Luckily all was well and the song ended with Lou managing to climb down. 

All in all a great experience to play the new material live for the first time.  

My neck is also fucked.  



Iamwarface xxx