This songs intro pulls you in like a particle within the Hadron Collider

there is no escape .In fact velocity is not needed here at all but time

is,your time and Closer will set your soul/spirit/being/ onto that path, a well guided path ,an intended journey.

From the very start it's into your bio rythms aligining itself with your heart rate

getting you into that waking hour, that almost unconscious state where all the very best music lies..

You are now feeling,experiencing the intent of Closer.

Arpeggiating synths softly gated are set upon the senses moving stealthily ,their hypnotic forces working on you, then the song builds,

the distant scream of boiling glass,the attack of the distorted synths are just kept under control by IAMWARFACE.

A glimpse of the shape of things to come.

Then we are there  "the waking hour " that bullet time moment ,the serene,the peaceful

Matt asks "Who am i? " "I'm just living to die".

Time is the question for this song .How much time do we all have?

Will we be ready to meet our maker? ,are we ready to be Closer?

He continues "I used to have a soul ,i just lost control",..hard words? but this song is lyrically dark and in that darkness lies it's full honesty.

Closer we go, the synths now distorting hard they are the backbone to the haunting vocals .

Then comes peace the sublime the eye of the storm..

The waking hour, just Matts vocals some background arrangments .

Now the intent it builds, this is the real intent of

IAMWARFACE’s Closer - brooding building menacing synths are finally let off the leash and the ground breaks around them.

Now were Closer, gravitys pulling at us,the earth has tilted ,you can actually feel it go in the song ,it's fracturing ,the drums feel like there cracking the sky.

We're now spinning and spiralling into the ultimate twisted waltz ,with deaths final difficult questions sung with heart and drive

effortlessly and perfectly by Matt..

Then it's over...done.. finished..what did i experience? A truely amazing song.. nothing more ..but is it ? 

This song really is a brand new particle, mixed to perfection ,binding itself ,slamming itself together, a master to it's own destiny

If you got pulled in too   

you have moved Closer..