By Lakisha D. Skinner  Klef Notes-

If Def Leppard, Depeche Mode, and Radiohead were chemically mixed in the most smokin music lab on the planet, you’d get a close clone of what could possibly pass in being IAMWARFACE, but IAMWARFACE is more than that still – these cats are one of the best Rock musicians I have heard in a minute.

An Electro Rock band coming out of England, IAMWARFACE consists of Matt Warneford as vocalist/songwriter, Adam Stanley on percussions, Lou Matthews on 6-strings, Mike Smith on bass, and Tom Howe mastering the DJ synths.  These Electro Rock studs are waxing the streets with their approach to music called “Rocktronica” (Eddy Temple Morris) and you would have to walk in some BIG boots to follow the musical footprints of IAMWARFACE’s newest clip “Closer.”

“Closer” is a heavy mesh-up of mystical synths, booming bass lines, sticky-fingers strings, and riffs of synths that tingle the spine.  Listen to the intro and tell me your hair does not stand on end?  Yeah, right.  Starts like a Modern Rock ballad and then at the two minutes / three seconds mark, the song progresses into this ferocious anthemic righteous Rock cut that can turn rocks to diamonds.

The song’s theme is about ending a soul-shattered romance to begin again, Warneford sings “who, who am I? / I’m just living to die / I don’t know what I’ll do / cause I used to have a soul, I just lost control, and I’ll move, move closer / yes, I’ll move, move closer to you / every day’s just like the last /  feel I’m walking on shattered glass / this romance just has to end to … begin again / so those words that  you say cut like a thousand razor blades.”   

The composition of this track is ah-mazing:  the intro synths are nothing short of monstrous – I mean, it is in your face where you can feel the sweat and see the anguish.  And when I say this song builds, do not get it twisted, it BUILDS – from a dark room crawl into a fully illuminated stage of synths and guitars and powerful drums.  Moreover, there’s something sexy about the front-man’s vocal execution – I think it is the pleasure for pain trill of his vocals and the way he leans right into the mic not sacrificing the emotion.  Then, after the second verse, the music pulls back for a subtle bridge, and then at the three minutes / twenty-two seconds mark, there is this jam-like session of guitars slashing and whining, hi-hats, and synths that electrically moves you to the outro.

I literally could not put this song down!

The only way to get any closer would be to be the skin of the artists.  I was an addict at the first note; I needed to get “closer.”

Rush, don’t move slow, to download your copy of this track NOW.  And keep an eye out for the video that is set to drop on 7/27th – it is sure to go viral!


By Love and Rockets-

Closer is a slow-paced-spacey-ballad-swell-of-emotion-type song that leads you on an introspective journey through warm digital landscapes, helping you feel isolated and welcomed simultaneously. I imagined seeing the silhouettes of people holding hands while watching the night sky fill up with rocketing meteors and shooting stars. If it's the end or just the beginning, who knows, but this meteor shower is certainly one of the prettiest you'll ever see.

The opening sequence of musical hits certainly haunts the bones of Sneaker Pimps (later albums) as it looks to blend human nature and digital discovery into one. The band then briefly brush up to those Illinois brooders Stabbing Westard before rocketing off on a sound that is the IAMWARFACE experience.

Closer is not a copy or a clone, it's a personal journey at the heart of it and that is reflective throughout the song. It's a moody, broody experience that soothes the ear in just the right way.

Buyer Beware: This song will most likely illicit lovemaking if your heart is even in the slightest alt-goth-like so...listen with protection.


By Forkster-

FORKSTER feels that "Closer" is another 'captivating & gravitating' track that is 'without a doubt' helping stamp IAMWARFACE presently as a global electronic rock budding dynamo. It brilliantly released yesterday on 'Friday the 13th' and is their 2nd new tune of 2018, following February's critically acclaimed stunner "You Don't Love Me Anymore".

It musically stands out entirely with an enormously eerie melancholic pop-rock charm. The musicianship huge efforts provide 80's synth-wave era keyboard masterings, 'swarming and warming' riff roars, exploding low-end bass blarings, exhilarating and smashing drum rhythms along with deliciously haunting vocals that masterfully give an electrifying gloomful atmosphere that resonates among intense lyrics stating a dreadful depressive past state, where the thinking then was about life and “what’s the point in it all” approach.

I 'most certainly' feel that it is their 'best music work' to date and that is truly exciting with the rising maturity they are making in only around 2 years after establishing. And upper echelon bands do have that 'we stand alone' greatness quality, IAMWARFACE are extremely to be welcomed into that rocking ace music goodness formula. FORKSTER rating of "Closer" single = 10 out of 10.


By gig radar-

IAMWARFACE – Closer (Single)

More electro-rock goodness from this exciting Brighton outfit, who describe their sound as ‘dirty sex rocktronica.’ Kinky. Closer opens up with slowly building electro noise that continues under drawn-out, echoey vocals from frontman Matt Warneford, that begin “Who, who am I, I’m just living to die.” The synth noises build up under the vocals “I move closer to you” then a big burst of stabby synth sounds kick in then a more dynamic synth background builds up under more laid-back vocals. It suddenly all drops out bar a repeating synth note then explodes into a big electro-rock noise.


By Eclectic Music Lover-

IAMWARFACE is a London, UK-based electro-rock project formed by singer/songwriter and producer Matt Warneford in 2016. Though they’ve released only a handful of songs, they already rank high among my favorite UK bands. Their aggressive name is a fitting metaphor for their bombastic high-energy, groove-based sound – an awesome name for equally awesome music. Besides Warneford, the current line-up of band members include Lou Matthews (guitars), Tom Howe (DJ synth), Mike Smith (bass) and Adam Stanley (drums). Their sound is influenced by many peers such as Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Kasabian, Muse, Big Black Delta, Nero, Queens of the Stone Age, Tears For Fears, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Black Keys and MGMT – all artists & bands that I also happen to love.

IAMWARFACE released their debut single “Say My Name” in 2016, a phenomenal track that literally left me speechless the first time I heard it. In my review of the song, I likened the effect to being “hit by an atomic blast of music greatness.” I loved it so much it ended up at #14 on my Top 100 Best Songs of 2016. This past February, they released another fantastic single “You Don’t Love Me Anymore,” and today, Friday the 13th of July, they drop their latest single “Closer,” and once again, I’m completely blown away!

The track opens with a mysterious throbbing synth chord that slowly builds into a stunning and dramatic soundscape that envelops us as Warneford implores the dark lyrics:

Who, who am I?

I’m just living to die

This old night when it comes

I’ll be free of these old bones

And I don’t know what I’ll do

It’s this old dark holding me down

Cause I used to have a soul

I just lost control

And I’ll move, move closer

Yes I’ll move, move closer to you

With that, the music explodes into a maelstrom of tortured but gorgeous wailing synths, fuzzy guitars, buzz-saw bass, and thunderous percussion, punctuated by almost violently crashing cymbals that emphasize the feelings of desolation expressed in the bitter lyrics. Warneford’s passionate vocals seem filled with despair and resignation over a love affair that now lies in tatters. “Feel I’m walking on shattered glass. This romance just has to end, to reset, raise, begin again.”

My body is covered from head to toe with chills by song’s end, as I sit dumbfounded by the fierce beauty and power of this monumental track. IAMWARFACE continues to astonish with their superb skill for creating incredible high-caliber, epic-sounding music, and I can’t wait to hear more from them!


By Christina Angrabeit-

Great Britain has a lot to offer in terms of good music. It is worthwhile to watch once in a while, what new sound art the island has. I recently discovered an electro-rock band from England. "IAMWARFACE" is the name of the band formed by vocalist and producer Matt Warneford in London in 2016. Along with Lou Matthews (guitars), Tom Howe (synths), Mike Smith (bass) and Adam Stanley (drums) he has released a few singles so far, the last one being "You Don't Love Me Anymore" - an instant memorable one Up-tempo number that has real hit potential. On July 13, 2018, the new song "Closer" will be released. I was allowed to listen in advance. "Closer" permeates the veins right from the start and also causes a very strong gooseflesh feeling. It is a very serious song with very dark, rousing lyrics that finds its place in the spirit. Speed is not needed here, the music also captivates you. Singer Matt Warneford asks: "Who am I? I am just living to die ". Time plays a central role in this song. None of us knows how much time we really have until we die. He continues: "I just used to have a soul, I just lost control". "Closer" really touches heart and soul. Are you ready to face the serious questions of life? Unfortunately, death is still a taboo subject in today's society. The music, on the other hand, has been dealing with it for a long time and at length. We all come closer to death someday. One earlier, the other later.


By Gaz K-

This songs intro pulls you in like a particle within the Hadron Collider

there is no escape .In fact velocity is not needed here at all but time

is,your time and Closer will set your soul/spirit/being/ onto that path, a well guided path ,an intended journey.

From the very start it's into your bio rythms aligining itself with your heart rate

getting you into that waking hour, that almost unconscious state where all the very best music lies..

You are now feeling,experiencing the intent of Closer.

Arpeggiating synths softly gated are set upon the senses moving stealthily ,their hypnotic forces working on you, then the song builds,

the distant scream of boiling glass,the attack of the distorted synths are just kept under control by IAMWARFACE.

A glimpse of the shape of things to come.

Then we are there  "the waking hour " that bullet time moment ,the serene,the peaceful

Matt asks "Who am i? " "I'm just living to die".

Time is the question for this song .How much time do we all have?

Will we be ready to meet our maker? ,are we ready to be Closer?

He continues "I used to have a soul ,i just lost control",..hard words? but this song is lyrically dark and in that darkness lies it's full honesty.

Closer we go, the synths now distorting hard they are the backbone to the haunting vocals .

Then comes peace the sublime the eye of the storm..

The waking hour, just Matts vocals some background arrangments .

Now the intent it builds, this is the real intent of

IAMWARFACE’s Closer - brooding building menacing synths are finally let off the leash and the ground breaks around them.

Now were Closer, gravitys pulling at us,the earth has tilted ,you can actually feel it go in the song ,it's fracturing ,the drums feel like there cracking the sky.

We're now spinning and spiralling into the ultimate twisted waltz ,with deaths final difficult questions sung with heart and drive

effortlessly and perfectly by Matt..

Then it's over...done.. finished..what did i experience? A truely amazing song.. nothing more ..but is it ? 

This song really is a brand new particle, mixed to perfection ,binding itself ,slamming itself together, a master to it's own destiny

If you got pulled in too   

you have moved Closer..


By Sarah Cooke-

I'm definitely buying this song. This song has many dynamic types of shading. It has strong chords. The contrast is very well handled with its intensity. The music brings out a sense of grace and adventure. This song has a balanced tone and contrast scoring which makes this piece a first rate choice . The song is intense and would make a fantastic concert opener. IAMWARFACE Great band in the making.....


By Joanne Louise Gardner-

A few times in your life a song comes along that you know you are going to love forever, no matter how many times it’s played.

Hooked in the first few bars, it is slow and subtle.  Second by second pulling you in further, until you can’t escape and it explodes.

Heartbreaking lyrics so sad that even the guitars weep. Every band member playing their part perfectly and brought together by Matt’s hauntingly beautiful vocals.

Closer is an utter masterpiece and the track I have been searching for all my life.


By Kirsten Jones-

The new single by IAMWARFACE has a stripped back feel which showcases perfectly the unique quality of Matt’s vocals.  Darkly evocative and atmospheric, ‘Closer’ is a stunning track demonstrating the impressive versatility of this exceptional band.


By Rebecca Singer-

This is the most powerful song I’ve heard so far from Brighton-based electro rock band IAMWARFACE. Matt Warneford is in pitch-perfect voice and the controlled drama and suspense in the atmospheric instrumentation is brilliant. With a firm nod to electro rockers like Depeche Mode, even the silent spaces make sense and add a sharp edge and a new level of depth to IAMWARFACE’s music that I’ve not heard before. I was covered in goosebumps as I listened to “Closer.” IAMWARFACE has reached a new level of perfection with this fantastic gem.