This songs intro pulls you in like a particle within the Hadron Collider

there is no escape .In fact velocity is not needed here at all but time

is,your time and Closer will set your soul/spirit/being/ onto that path, a well guided path ,an intended journey.

From the very start it's into your bio rythms aligining itself with your heart rate

getting you into that waking hour, that almost unconscious state where all the very best music lies..

You are now feeling,experiencing the intent of Closer.

Arpeggiating synths softly gated are set upon the senses moving stealthily ,their hypnotic forces working on you, then the song builds,

the distant scream of boiling glass,the attack of the distorted synths are just kept under control by IAMWARFACE.

A glimpse of the shape of things to come.

Then we are there  "the waking hour " that bullet time moment ,the serene,the peaceful

Matt asks "Who am i? " "I'm just living to die".

Time is the question for this song .How much time do we all have?

Will we be ready to meet our maker? ,are we ready to be Closer?

He continues "I used to have a soul ,i just lost control",..hard words? but this song is lyrically dark and in that darkness lies it's full honesty.

Closer we go, the synths now distorting hard they are the backbone to the haunting vocals .

Then comes peace the sublime the eye of the storm..

The waking hour, just Matts vocals some background arrangments .

Now the intent it builds, this is the real intent of

IAMWARFACE’s Closer - brooding building menacing synths are finally let off the leash and the ground breaks around them.

Now were Closer, gravitys pulling at us,the earth has tilted ,you can actually feel it go in the song ,it's fracturing ,the drums feel like there cracking the sky.

We're now spinning and spiralling into the ultimate twisted waltz ,with deaths final difficult questions sung with heart and drive

effortlessly and perfectly by Matt..

Then it's over...done.. finished..what did i experience? A truely amazing song.. nothing more ..but is it ? 

This song really is a brand new particle, mixed to perfection ,binding itself ,slamming itself together, a master to it's own destiny

If you got pulled in too   

you have moved Closer..

GIG REVIEW by Alice Matthews.

The UV makeup is back. After a triumphant show at Twickenham’s Cabbage Patch, (IAM)WARFACE topped the bill at Camden’s iconic Fiddler’s Elbow.

Support came in the form of Dead Days and Kingbreaker. The latter made a particularly strong impression with their fierce female lead singer, and both groups succeeded in getting the crowd ready for some ‘rocktronica’.

The venue was packed full of trusty Numanoids and Warfarians, with an impressively large number of people in the crowd sporting (IAM)WARFACE merch.

Before they took to the stage, (IAM)WARFACE were as friendly and approachable as ever. The five piece started their set with ‘To Die For’ – which has been recorded for BBC Introducing

Thanks to a combination of compelling makeup and impressive presence, it was impossible to draw your eyes from the stage. Matt Warneford (vocals) and Lou Matthews (guitar) have an infectious rapport, you just want to get up and join them.

Matt led the group through an energetic set, hardly pausing for breath. The popular ‘Say My Name’ was well received, as was ‘You Don’t Love Me Anymore’.

A particular highlight of the evening was ‘Atomic White Gold’ which  resonated well in the intimate venue setting.

‘Closer’ was up next, and the atmosphere was noticeably different. This single is slightly slower than the others, with more of a punk rock style. It’s a winner.

The set drew to a close with ‘Vampire’ and ‘Red Queen’, and then the final song was ‘Trigons’. Matt commanded the crowd to mosh to the chant-like drum beat, and we were more than willing to oblige.

Compared to last month’s show, (IAM)WARFACE were even more engaging. The improved sound set up certainly helped, but perhaps the band are simply growing in confidence. Having such a dedicated fan base must be encouraging, as is playing in a group with friends. Keep your eyes peeled for the next show…

Image Credit: Andy Voakes



Well, it came and went. Seems like a lifetime away. But what a weekend we had. After a 4 hour drive, we arrived at The Welly in Hull to begin soundchecking and as we walked into the main hall, I clocked Mr Numan doing his Meet and Greets to various fans. To say I was a tad nervous is an understatement. But, After a few minutes, Gary came over and introduced himself and immediately I felt at ease in his company. He is an incredibly humble and down-to-earth guy! Not at all what you'd expect of a man of his Calibre. So time went by and we had mere minutes to go before playing our set so I had a few glugs of red wine (which always seems to help my voice) and we walked onstage to around 600 people. We launched into To Die For, which gave me goosebumps as it normally does. I noticed the crowd were kind of static but completely transfixed as we ploughed our way through our set. Now, normally I would be worried that we were going down like a lead balloon, but numanoids are not normally known for going apeshit at gigs. They like to take it all in and watch proceedings. We got rapturous applause after most of the songs. This was good enough for me. I left the stage happy as punch. We then watched Gary's band rock the house. What a spectacle indeed. Amazing performance and sound design. I was simply blown away. After then mingling with the band backstage, I decided to go to bed. Mission accomplished. 

The next evening, we arrived in Leamington Spa Assembly for our next performance. After seeing the size of the venue, I gulped! Nerves and excitement took over. I decided to spend a good hour in our dressing room, warming up my vocals and putting on makeup. Also a few slugs of red wine. Then it was time to play our biggest gig yet. And what a show it was. Again the crowd were  relatively static and heads were nodding and people cheered us on. It was amazing. The sound was mind-blowing in this place. Imagine feeling completely emotional but yet focussed and confident. We left the stage feeling sublime. Best gig we've ever played. It would seem the numanoids loved us. And what a pleasure it was to play for them. Then watched Gary's band play again and it was even better than last night. Also as before, he invited his daughter Persia up onstage to sing with him on his new single My Name Is Ruin. Shivers were sent down my spine. It's not often you see a band of this calibre but they were outstanding. Afterwards, I got to talk to Gary for a good 45 minutes about all things from rock-stardom to Tourette's, Aspergers and autism. I'm always worried how I come across when chatting away, due to my inability to read people in most situations due to possible Aspergers and Autism (as I've been told I have by many people). And constant worry about my Tourette's. Maybe, who knows, I've always been a bit odd so maybe it's just that?. But yet again, Gary and his amazing family put me completely at ease with myself and were great company. Not to mention the amazing company of my band, Mike, Louis, Tom and Adam, our manager and fellow singer/songwriter Hannah Clive and our driver and roadie Dean Rose. 

This has been one of my favourite weekends in recent memory and I hope at some point in the future we will be asked back to play more shows with him. 

Until then, We will continue to make more music and play more shows around the UK.  

Much love and peace,


Matt Warface





Ok, our Indiegogo campaign for our new music video is now up and running. So far we are at 23% and we have 24 days to go so please please show you support and help us to get this project made. There are various rewards for how much you pledge and I'm sure you'll see it's well worth it. 

Heres the link...

Lots of cool things happening this year so keep updated on all our social media platforms and the website.  

Anyway, peace and love to you all. 




So, we are now on day 4 of our tour and what a tour it has been! We have been consistently smashing it and gaining new fans. One comment we had was that we are a natural successor to Kaiser Chiefs. Very cool indeed. Such such fun. And I'm absolutely chuffed and so proud of my band. These guys are legendary. Well, we're now onwards to Swindon tonight. Can't wait. We'll keep updating our social media with photos and videos. Until then, stay cool people.

Lots of love.

matt. x



Well, last night we played at Proud Galleries in Camden. It's was the first gig with our new bass player Mike. And awesomely, it's totally transformed our live sound. I had shivers as we launched into To Die For. Amazing. Everyone who came to see us were also awesome. Without you guys we are nothing. Thank you for letting us entertain you once again. Next month we will be doing our first tour around the south of England. Check our website for details and to also buy tickets. I simply can't wait, it's gonna be amazing. Come and join us. 

On that note, I wish all you lovely people a great weekend.  


Matt. x




Ok, stuff is starting to hot up again. We now have several gigs booked with more to come, and now I'm proud to announce we are booked on a tour for November. Hopefully this will give people that haven't been able to attend our previous shows due to travel distance can actually now come and see us. It'd be lovely to have you all there to party with us.   

Also, we are in the process of making a new music video. I can't say anything about it just yet, rest assured it's going to blow everyone's mind. I simply can't wait.  

Theres a lot more happening behind the scenes that I will announce when it's more appropriate.  

Until then, be safe, stay cool and have fun.  




Well, that went pretty amazingly! We rocked up to the stage at 3.30pm and set up our equipment. After a small line check, I nodded at the other guys and started the first track "Fight!!!". Alex began pounding on his drums and Lou angrily strummed his gnarly guitar. Then Matt's synths kicked in and all hell was let loose. The shouts of "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!" were greeted with raised fists and stamping boots. 

We then proceeded straight into "Say My Name". Matt's synths and Lou's dirty guitar growled loudly as the intro kicked in followed by Alex's stomping beats. The crowd joined in at the chorus whilst going mental throughout the mid section. This was an absolute highlight.

Then, we changed pace with "Fear The Future". The slow groove steadily climbing to the electronic middle eight section Which whipped up a frenzy. 

Next up was "Golden Army" which starts with a bell like chime and settles into a funk bass beat. This really got the floor dancing. Another awesome experience to play this to an audience.  

Lastly, we played "Trigons". This is basically an instrumental piece with an almost dubby Electro Reggae feel. The song is 7 minutes long so as I was prouncing around the stage, Lou let rip with a wall of noise that swam around the beat like a mad fish whilst Alex's drums thundered to a crescendo. At this point, I manoeuvred myself between Lou's legs and carried him on my shoulders for the last few minutes, which seemed like hours. My legs were buckling and I was swaying dangerously as he was shredding like a demon. Luckily all was well and the song ended with Lou managing to climb down. 

All in all a great experience to play the new material live for the first time.  

My neck is also fucked.  



Iamwarface xxx



(IAM)WARFACE is an Electro Rock band formed in Brighton in 2015. The name is a metaphor for their own style of bombastic high-energy music. (IAM)WARFACE has taken the pop route, but keeps it dangerous with a fusion of 80’s style vocals, abstract guitars, moody layered synth riffs and pounding drum beats. (IAM)WARFACE have been influenced by many peers such as Big Black Delta, Nero, Eminem, Queens of the Stone Age, Tears For Fears, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Black Keys and MGMT. They are currently putting the finishing touches to the debut album ATOMIC WHITE GOLD which is due to be released in the summer.

DOWN TIME (Calm before the Storm)

I've decided to take the week off from writing music or doing art, my brain is fried. Got intense rehearsals ahead to get ready for Into the Wild festival on 11th July. Tickets available at Can't wait. It's gonna be a mad one. Then after that, it's all about releasing my debut single and video, the latter which is incredibly messed up and dark. It looks fucking awesome. Can't wait for everyone to finally see it. Until then, Stay safe, stay connected.  

Peace out

Warface xxx❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 



It's all in the news 

The act is done

They’ve got us all and alone

Praise the lord

Cheat us all

Its televised

Another fear


Its all i hear

It gives me the creeps


I fear the Future

Wont you take me with ya

Aw come on come on now

I fear the Future

Wont you take me with ya

Aw come on come on now


High five

Where are we now

Cheap seats the end of the world

And free lies

The Bubblegum shit

Closes eyes dreams of England 


Its all i hear

It gives me the creeps


I fear the Future

Wont you take me with ya

Aw come on come on now

I fear the Future

Wont you take me with ya

Aw come on come on now


It's so wrong so wrong

I wonder why 

If Id last the night

Our eyes are sad songs

So gone so gone

For all the rights 

For all the wrongs